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Visitors of or Web Site: Please read the following for your pathway to continued discounts site wide and knowledge that can safeguard your present and future. 

Private Facebook Members of "Wreck the Fed Silver" get discounts site wide on all products. Wreck the Fed Silver is a Private Page that started approximately four years ago on the Facebook Platform and continues on today. We are more than just Precious Metals Dealers, we are researched / informed individuals that believe history needs to be understood, so purposeful intelligent decisions can be made today. If you have a strong understanding of Global Currencies, and how and why they were formed, then you understand why fiat currencies pose a huge risk in todays society. This is a deep subject, and one that is not spoken about in the mainstream outlets (School, media, financial institutions etc). If you have not already informed yourself of the true reason our financial system was built, please begin to do so. Start with the "Crime of 1873" (Coinage Act) and move along into the formation of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, and if you are still inclined to learn more, read about the "Gold Reserve Act of 1934" There are many things that occurred in between, prior, and after these events. But this is a great place to begin.

We are not only brokers of physical precious metals, but folks that realize the need to understand the history of Global Economics and the Risks posed to our economy today. We believe with every fiber in our bodies that Physical Commodities (Gold, Silver, Platinum, Land, Livestock, Fine Art etc etc) is not an investment, but rather a Hedge / Insurance during a potential economic downturn that we are Guaranteed to face in our lifetime. This is not a matter of if, but When.

For continued content and site wide discounts, please visit us at FB Group: Wreck the Fed Silver.



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