2022 & 2023 Noah’s Arc

Exquisite pieces minted by Armenia, these coins pay homage to the timeless story of Noah’s Ark.

2022 & 2023 Noah’s Arc 1 oz Silver Coins

2018 & 2019 Canada 1 oz “Lucky Dragon”

These coins pay tribute to the Chinese dragon, a symbol associated with power, strength, and good fortune in Asian cultures.

2018 Canada 1 oz “Lucky Dragon” Silver Coins

Canada 1 oz Silver Wildlife (Year Design Varies)

The Canadian Silver Wildlife Series commenced in 2011, featuring some of Canada’s most beloved and endangered wildlife species. The series included two coins minted annually, each honoring a different animal.

Canada 1 oz Silver Wildlife (Year Design Varies)

2023 1 oz Perth Mint “Dragon” Gold Bar

  • Remarkable Investment
  • Proof Quality
  • Limited Mintage
2023 1 oz Perth Mint “Dragon” Gold Bar

Engelhard Prospector 1 oz Silver Rounds (Year Varies)

  • Timeless Elegance
  • Pure Investment
  • Collectible Legacy
Engelhard Prospector Silver Rounds

2023 Mexican Libertad

  • High Silver Purity
  • Investment Flexibility
  • Historical Significance
2023 Mexican Libertad

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Exchanging your currency for a physical commodity i.e. owning gold / silver coins or bars is the truest inflation hedge and is not dependent upon any fiat currency. We provide a white glove treatment throughout the entire transaction process. Educating and keeping our customers informed is our number one priority. Our goal is to establish a life long relationship with our customers. Thank you for considering the Gold and Silver Brokers for all your precious metal needs.

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