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We are a Husband-and-Wife team working in conjunction to bring awareness, education, and the need to add physical precious metals to one’s portfolio.  We have been married for 26 years and understand the need in protecting your family’s financial legacy, especially in these tumultuous economic times we find ourselves in as a society. I have a 28-year background in Law Enforcement, and Sylvia has a 21-year background in sales and account coordinating within the cosmetic field. Due to the economic instability within the nation and globally, we researched and studied the history of Global Economics and Currencies. We have provided the online community as well as our local community with a safe, transparent, and honest place to buy precious metals for the past six years. We are a true family-owned business, and we strive to treat our customers as family as well. Thank you for having the trust and faith in us in adding precious metals to your portfolio.

— Paul & Sylvia Valencia

Exchanging your currency for a physical commodity i.e. owning gold / silver coins or bars is the truest inflation hedge and is not dependent upon any fiat currency. We provide a white glove treatment throughout the entire transaction process. Educating and keeping our customers informed is our number one priority. Our goal is to establish a lifelong relationship with our customers. Thank you for considering the Gold and Silver Brokers for all your precious metal needs.

The Gold & Silver Brokers

Unfortunately, most of the world’s economies have been managed very poorly, creating massive world debt that can never be paid back. All fiat currencies are inherently meant to die. If you have a fiat currency that has no ties to Gold or Silver, or no limit to the printing presses, all currencies will end up in the same place, which is intrinsically zero! Physical Gold & Silver throughout history has always been considered money. Physical Gold & Silver provide a hedge against economic instability, due to a weakening and fragile dollar. Precious Metals have long been considered a store of wealth / value for investors. A safe haven commodity is considered a hedge (insurance) doing uncertain economic or Geo - Political times, as well as protecting against inflation and hyperinflation.

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